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C A S Interiors Inc.

2105 Matheson Blvd E

mcmaster innovation park. hamilton ontario wet lab space.

Leasehold Construction Firm


7500 SQ. FT.


Market Research
Occupier Services


C A S Interiors had occupied the same premises for over 20 years and needed a larger office to accommodate its expanding team. They also wanted to secure space in a better-quality building at an affordable rate that could showcase their leasehold construction work and act as a business development tool for potential clients.


The Office Occupier team helped C A S retain an experienced space planning firm who determined their office requirement and a comprehensive search for available properties was initiated based on unit size, building quality, parking, transit, amenities and the overall financial package. After evaluating various options C A S identified a long-term sublease at as the preferred location for their new office.


C A S Interiors successfully secured 7,500 square feet of space at 2105 Matheson Blvd E that provided an above-market financial package for space that accommodated their immediate and long-term needs. The new office location offers a modern and professional environment that aligns with the company's brand image and fosters collaboration among team members. With its strategic location, C A S Interiors is now well-positioned to serve its clients more efficiently and able to accommodate future growth.

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