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Elizabeth Fry Society of Peel-Halton

44 Peel Centre Dr

Elizabeth Fry Society of Peel-Halton


Not-For-Profit Organization

Limited Budget

Public Transit Critical

High parking requirement


7,300 SQ. FT.


Occupier Services

Relocation Services

Market Research


The Elizabeth Fry Society of Peel-Halton occupied 2 locations in Brampton and both leases were close to expiring. Their district head office had been located for 20 years in basement space that had no windows and they were paying rent considerably above market. The Society wanted to consolidate and reduce their occupancy costs and had been advised by another real estate agent their requirement was 12-14,000sf.


An independent space needs analysis determined their actual requirement was actually closer to 7,000 square feet and options were quickly shortlisted. The Occupier teams market knowledge determined 44 Peel Centre Drive was best suited and a 10 year lease was negotiated that met all of the tenant’s requirements: lower price, free parking for staff, proximity to public transit and amenities for both staff and clients.


The client relocated from expensive basement space that had no ambient light and where staff paid for parking to bright space on the 2nd floor of an ‘A’ class building that offered free parking to staff and visitors and the organization was able to realize savings in excess of $500,000.

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