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We have long been in the habit of reading, listening for and actively searching out valuable ideas and new perspectives in the commercial real estate sector that we can incorporate into our business practice and share with our clients. With the traditional play book thrown out in the aftermath of the COVID pandemic, watching for new industry trends is increasingly important as tenants look at what Return To Work models and Workplace Strategies are best suited for their specific needs.

The following posts touch on industry trends and potential paths that today’s leaders, disruptors and innovators are taking.

Notable Articles

Aug 2023

U.S. execs think hybrid will grow

Judging by the number of high-profile CEOs getting increasingly strident about enforcing return-to-office...

Aug 2023

Meet the ‘dead zone’ workers

After over three years of working when they are most productive, instead of during fixed office hours...

June 2023

Decline in office dress codes 

While dress codes were already shifting before COVID-19, with Silicon Valley and the rest of the tech world...

June 2023

the return-to-office wars

The battle for talent has eased this year as economic growth has slowed, but it hasn't gone away...

Workers are not Coming to Office

May 2023

Terrible commutes. Expensive child care. Employees explain why they will keep working from home...

May 2023

American Cities Are Thriving Again

Just Not Near Office Buildings. Neighborhoods are benefiting from remote work...

May 2023

Toronto’s empty office towers

Growing space and more workers doing their jobs from home has left a large chunk of GTA offices empty...

April 2023

office workers and career development

Office workers devote 40 more minutes a week to mentoring, 25 more minutes on formal training...

Jan 2023

Attracting workers to the office

To reverse the popular working-from-home trend resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, companies across the...

Jan 2023

Bosses Order Workers to Office

Vanguard Group, Paycom Software and others push staffers to return on required days, but some employees...

Dec 2022

Your Hybrid Plan Isn’t Working

It isn’t just about getting employees into the office when you tell them to. It’s about making sure they...

Nov 2022

Giving Control over Workspaces

Ease stress and help people feel more comfortable and productive at the office...